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How To Work For $5,000 Per Hour


Those who work for themselves have the luxury of choosing how they spend their time, and those who create value with their time develop wealth. The book Time Really Is Money by Rob Slee focuses on using time to create personal and business value.

“The premise of this book is that we all choose our level of wealth based on how we spend our time” - Rob Slee

A great tool for personal growth, Rob introduces his concept of climbing the vladder (value ladder)In contrary with the cladder (corprate ladder)the vladder offers the opportunity to increase from $50 per hour, to $500 per hour, to $5,000 per hour and so on.

Most executive individuals usually only work their way up the $500 per hour steps of the ladder. Rob refers to these individuals as general contractors (and left-brained), such as lawyers. These individuals are lifestyle owners because they are comfortable where they are and do not want to risk loosing their spot by climbing further on the vladder.

If you want to create more than $500 per hour value for your business, you must teach others in your team to create value as well. The $5,000 and $50,000 hours are earned by whole-brained individuals, referred to as value architects. These individuals focus on the bigger picture, and leave little to no fingerprints on small tasks in their business. 

This book is the first step to climbing your own value ladder. Every ladder is different, and there are different ways to reach a higher dollar per hour value output. Rob gives great tips and has created a valuable foundation with his book for individuals to build upon. For an enjoyable strategy-filled reading, be sure to take a look at Time Really Is Money.